In addition to Our Lady’s regular messages, the Blessed Virgin has also imparted 10 Secrets to the Medjugorje visionaries about future events which will one day effect our entire world. So far Mirjana, Ivanka and Jacov have received all 10 Secrets and thus no longer experience daily apparitions. Ivan, Vicka and Marija have all received 9 Secrets and still see Our Lady every day at 6:40PM (regardless of the time-zone they are present in). The only aspect of the 10 Secrets that the visionaries have been allowed to reveal thus far by Our Lady is a portion of the 3rd one. The visionaries have stated that Our Lady has promised to leave a “permanent, supernatural and indestructible sign” at the site where she first appeared to the visionaries on June 24th, 1981 which will serve as fulfillment of the 3rd Secret. It is a sign that will be given for unbelievers, providing an invitation to convert.
Mirjana reassures us that for those who know God as a Father and for those who know Our Lady as their true Mother, there is nothing to fear in regards to the secrets or the future they represent. Mirjana has chosen Fr. Petar Ljubicic to reveal the secrets to 10 days before they are scheduled to occur. Upon the revelation Fr. Petar and Mirjana will then fast and pray for 7 days together. Fr. Petar will then announce the Secrets to the entire world 3 days prior to the day the 1st Secret will take place. The visionaries have never revealed a time-line.

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